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Online shopping panels which sell well? In July, the list came out! What are the brands listed on th

Release Time:2017年08月09日

Tmall furniture home in 2017 July list of freshly baked, 30 categories selling list closed. As the Tmall home (home Home Furnishing) strategic partner, the official channels and disclosed Tmall home all industry monthly sales data, the first time the first Tencent Home Furnishing July Tmall home full channel industry brand rankings.
[authority review]: plate competition, 100 flagship store, easily won the first place. Court friends flagship store force scored second. New face, Zheng Xiang flagship store won third. Societe Generale flagship store and rabbit baby flagship store are fourth, fifth regulars.
We all know that the list of Dripping water wears through a stone., perennial veterans are thousand million daily, to the steady progress of the axe. Brand new generation of upward momentum is also menacing, next month, each big brand and will exert what special skills? Coming soon!

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