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Popular in the world, health and environmental protection for the whole family! Warmest congratulati

Release Time:2017年08月09日

Warmly congratulate the German 100 strong landing in the United States New York Times Square! More than 500 well-known media coverage of the world, including digitaljournal, markets.ibtimes, finance.azcentral, CCTV, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Sina, CDC and so on.
New York Times Square (Times Square), as a symbol of New York and the logo, "the world crossroads," said, renowned at home and abroad, enjoys popular support. Over the past century, every time the new year, there are more than 500,000 people from all over the world and around the world gathered here. Spend the night, this is a very influential and iconic place.
Germany hundred, as a set research and development, production, marketing and service in one of the decorative building materials global chain enterprises. Focus on the quality of German workers, effort to build the international high-end environmental protection decorative material first brand, to become the world's first choice for healthy families! Leading the industry development direction.
Germany hundred glory log into the world of the stage, each bloom, are attracted the eyes of the world, just like the beginning of the new year the world attention crystal ball, with epoch-making significance!
Germany 100 plate - the international environmental standards leader, better than the national environmental standards 3 times. To ACEART technology as the core, the selection of more than 30 years of aerobic wood, the choice of A + + + grade core material, all digital drying, the use of plant resin / non-aldehyde-grade adhesive, every detail is fine, from logs to Finished product throughout the monitoring, layers of strict screening, after 100 perfect process cast a villa luxury plate. To the rigorous, harsh German quality of the spirit, so that every one of the top 100 German products like works of art, no aldehyde, purification, anti-aldehyde decomposition technology, the "forest" into the global health family, for your love home to create high quality Foundation.
A hundred years of enterprises, plastic handed down the brand, the German hundred will "clean every meter of space" as their mission, more committed to creating "green, low carbon, ecology, science and technology, environmental protection" living space, so that the German hundred to become the world Healthy family first choice! Germany's top 100 focus on the quality of German workers, effort to build the international first-class brand of high-end environmentally friendly decorative materials, the first ACEART craft to create a luxury villa plate, the international environmental standards, excellent technology to win the favor of the market! Germany hundred, the lion as a totem, to win the highest quality industry! Will environmental protection as life, to lead the market trend of green! Domineering from self-confidence, rigorous to create excellence! Germany hundred, committed to become the king of wood, the original green jungle into the city life!

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