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Not all plates are called "German top 100"

Release Time:2017年08月09日


 Today, Saturday, the weather is sunny, I'm in Germany

In many such mornings, WeChat articles flooded, and many wonderful messages filled our leisure time and helped us to get bored.
Every day I will design a good picture with the article sent to you, do not ask everyone to like, I hope you can slowly understand our dedication to the plate.
You may find that every one of the top 100 posters in Germany has one or two slogans, and this is our own slogan, and that's what we want to say to you.
When it comes to this, have to mention, [] a lot of reference, beautiful article, decoration figure many beautiful, a lot of heart wardrobe or cabinet, if encountered, will be easily preserved, it is reference for fine reference.
Reference picture is not stealing advertising language, such as Red Bull and happy tiger products, no matter how similar the advertisement is also the one and only, because their advertising a brand even to write, how to let consumers?
This is a building materials stolen German top 100 advertising, pictures, well, a lot of material on the network, who can use. But even the German top 100 advertising slogans have been stolen together.........
Perhaps from another point of view, this is also an endorsement of the German top 100 propaganda language.
Believe in the future,
Many of the top 100 German elements will be widely used in the industry. This is a model and a recognition.
German top 100 in this statement, misappropriation of German top 100 advertising language, please be careful!
Not all plates are called "German top 100", and "German top 100" is not suitable for everyone.
I'm one of the top 100 German copies
I present it to you with what I see and feel
Just for your trust!

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