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What is the difference between Blockboard and paint free boards? It's so big!

Release Time:2017年08月09日

Joinery board
The joinery board, usually called the big core board, is a plate made of two single boards which are spliced on both sides of the wood block. This kind of wood board conforms to the law of natural ecology, and has the advantages of light texture, superior mechanical processing performance, good nail holding ability, stable structure and difficult deformation. More importantly, the superior performance board of the Northeast poplar core joinery board is particularly outstanding: the board surface is more smooth, beautiful and easy to process. Fine quality Blockboard not only requires strict requirements for core material, but also requires high production technology. It is generally used in molding. One thing is that the blockboard are not exposed as they develop, that is, it is time consuming and hard to paint when using.
Paint free plate is impregnated paper veneer plywood, the substrate is generally blockboard, at high temperature and high pressure decorative material by using adhesive with a certain color and texture of the paper lay on the floor and the pressure. Paint free plate two most prominent features, very popular with the market, first, rich unique decorative effect, it has both classic fan of acid sticks, wood paint free plate, and can be fresh and elegant Maple free paint board. Two, paint free paint, paint free environmental protection features, the use of paint free plate decoration, you can directly install and lay, without other processing, convenient and fast, but also to avoid paint pollution. So, in general, we will hear eco boards, joinery, eco board name is also more.

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