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The plate market taking how the future of the domestic trouble and foreign invasion, wood?

Release Time:2017年08月09日


After the Spring Festival, the major logs, sheet enterprises have gradually resumed construction.

From the national situation, the overall price of the timber industry continued to rise, due to shortage of raw materials by 2016, sea freight prices, devaluation of three major factors, timber prices continue to rise until 2017, timber prices rose, in the outside world, the timber industry is booming, but the idea behind this crisis, but is still in trouble, and listen to a small analysis.
Starting from the material perspective: the domestic trouble and foreign invasion
According to Xiao Bian learned that the domestic wood-based panel market there has been a small amount of goods shipped, started to now, the actual order is not much. According to some businesses, now take the goods mainly in plywood, veneer and wood. The reasons for this situation are the main decoration hot spring.
Look abroad, the United States announced in February this year, "composite wood products formaldehyde emission standards."". The implementation of this standard restricts the trade of wood products such as plates and furniture to the United States of america. On the one hand, increased our cost and delay the detection of wood port clearance time; on the other hand may be China's wood products can't pass the bill and be returned; or other countries to follow the United States to increase China's wood products export difficulty.
"Spring" really will come, timber trader has a long way to go
1, the concept of "environmental protection" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Wood traders should select high-quality raw materials, apply environmental protection production processes, and study environmentally friendly and healthy products.
2, timber enterprises should actively face the transformation and upgrading. Strengthen the depth of the brand, technological innovation, improve value-added products, etc..
3, actively explore the market, in-depth consumer understanding of the most realistic needs.

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