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DEKONIG official update releases new LOGO

Release Time:2017年08月09日

The main colors of DEKONIG new LOGO, with a warm golden, golden is one of the most brilliant luster color, on behalf of the noble, holy and glorious, is the supreme nature pure color, most of the countries in the world are the royal color with golden tone.
The lion, the king of beasts, represents the aristocratic atmosphere and kingly demeanour. At the same time, the lion is symbol of strength and power, not only represents good luck, good luck, from geomantic perspective, the lion has Quxie disaster, and bless the meaning!
The perfect union of gold and lion means the kingly demeanour, noble breath, nobility, splendor, sanctity and inviolable!
Sixth generation LOGO
Debai strong new LOGO
Fifth generation LOGO

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