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How can home decoration cost savings reduce board use?

Release Time:2017年08月11日

Many owners buy the board back to do furniture will listen to the recommendations of the woodworking master to buy a certain number of plates, in fact, many times, with the plate to do furniture can be saved. So how do you save plate when making plate furniture?
Parts of the specification
The specifications of the man-made board are basically inch size (1220mm × 2440mm, 1220mm × 1830mm), the board furniture is based on wood-based panel, so if we determine the size of the parts 392,595,195 and other raw materials Size suitable for, will improve the utilization of plate to reduce waste.
In addition, we have to consider the specifications of the parts in line with the specifications of raw materials to consider, whether the size of a little smaller. For example, a drawer side panel, we put it the width of 1150mm, the width of the raw material plate is generally 1220 mm this size is very conducive to improve the rate of output.
The thickness of the part
There are many habits in the production of furniture, these habits are good and bad. Such as the north of the furniture, often have heavy habits, often habitually use thick plate, large board, which the use of materials, in some cases is unfavorable. Such as the drawer side panels, we used 16mm, 18mm thick plate; but many manufacturers in the South, in the high-end furniture has been widely used 12mm thick plate.
Practice has proved that in the shape and strength, this size have stood the test. Extensive, some small laminates, partitions, so that the side panels, roof (such as bedside cabinets), can be used 12mm sheet.
The structure of the parts
Many parts, such as side panels, partitions, in order to shape the use of the need for thicker sheet, then we can not for the material with a thin plate, but we can use the package structure, that is often said "hollow structure" Made of wood wood frame, after the use of plywood cladding, this approach not only save the material and reduce the weight of parts.
This has been developed more mature, is widely used, but some of the weight of the components, such as the desk table, it is not appropriate to use this structure.
The structure of the furniture
Furniture to have a solid structure, is often said that "strong", some furniture to save some parts can still meet the "strong" requirements. We look at the many commonly used products in the past, and we can find many parts that can be omitted, which are often huge and often overlooked. In addition, to break through the conventional box, and more design some novel, novel, simple structure of the product, so that more effective to receive a multiplier effect.
Making arrangements
With the production of furniture, there will be many of the remaining raw materials can not be fully utilized. At this time, we should design some of these materials for the size of the product, making some small furniture, often because these furniture with a very strong random and creative, But very popular with everyone welcome.
Outdated raw materials
Some colors, patterns outdated old raw materials, not long-term backlog, you can make full use of the light of the furniture parts, such as the floor, cabinets in the partition and so on. Without having to emphasize and appearance of the fabric color, pattern consistent. Facts have proved that this does not affect the appearance, does not affect the use of methods, is also more popular.

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